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GOSS Thermal Substrate Boards and Profiles

Strong, versatile thermal insulation boards to tailor waterproof environments.

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Wet Rooms
  • Spas
  • Steam Rooms
  • Swimming Pools

The boards are coated with a hard surface that is an ideal substrate to tile on and its strength makes it a better choice for heavy tiles that can be problematic on plasterboard walls.

As well as providing a light weight but solid substrate the thermal insulation qualities make it an ideal partner for under-floor and under-seat heating.

A selection of preformed shapes are available for:

  • Curved and spiral walk in showers
  • Shower bases and trays
  • Seating units
  • Domed and vaulted ceilings
  • Steps

In conjunction with easy to cut and shape straight boards of different thicknesses we provide many options to design and construct environments as desired. Even if the great flexibility of the standard items are not enough to realise your ideas, custom items can be designed, modelled and fabricated to individual requirements.

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